Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tea Towels - "A flower a day keeps the blues away" (Thursday to Sunday)

Hi, Everyone,

I've finished my hand embroidered days of the week tea towels.

The patterns were designed by Jenny of Elfantz.  You will find her at  She has a link to her "Pattern Shop" and you will find her design entitled "Days of the Week", from the May 2016 Stitchery Club.

They turned out beautifully!  Have a look.

I purchased 2 meters of cotton tea towel fabric from Fabricland then hemmed the edges.  I printed Jenny's patterns then traced them with my Sharpie Pen onto the tea towel fabric with my Light Box.

I chose different embroidery threads from those listed in Jenny's pattern.

The smaller the stitches, the prettier the embroidery looks.
My stitches are created over 2 threads of fabric, that is Very tiny, so I am only able hand embroider this small when I use the Magnifying Light that my daughter got for me from Lee Valley.  It is mounted on the headboard of my bed, and it is a God send.  If you don't have one, I highly recommend getting one.  I couldn't embroider like this without it.

I just love how the blues/green and pink/burgandy blend together.

The Tea Towels turned out sooooooooo pretty that I don't want to use them.

Remember, creating has many mediums.
This medium is thread and fabric.

Next . . .

I've begun to hand embroider Primative patterns and will be mounting them on vintage piano scrolls.
They will be embellished with lace and fabric as well.

Have fun creating!