Friday, April 29, 2016

Art Journal Page "Remember the Past"

Hi, Everyone,

I have acquired lots of vintage books over the years at second hand and antique stores.  The good ones will be displayed proudly in my living room bookshelves once I actually get a living room.  The not so good ones I purchased to create Art Journals with.

Below is a very thick vintage Anna Karenina book with a red leather cover.  The inside pages are a beautiful sepia colour.  The challenge for me is to create without dimensional embellishments.  This is extremely difficult for me.  I've torn out 4 pages before and 4 pages after this layout to allow for the thickness of the collage.  Every time you add more paper layers to the book, the thicker it gets, so remember to tear out pages as you go.

I used white gesso to slightly obscure the writing, but I do want to see it in the background.  Then I selected various pieces of ephemera from my large stash of paper.  It is so hard not to choose metal or 3D embellishments.  This book will contain art journal pages of collage using papers and washi tape, or anything flat I can find.

Have a look below.

I love using a Sharpie Fine Pen Marker to create stitching on the layout.  The washi tape also adds interest.

Have fun creating and start using those scraps!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

G45 "Steampunk Spells" Collage P.1

Hi, Everyone,

It's been quite a while since I created a collage.  I create collages for the pure joy of displaying the paper and embellishments, to go back and lookout at them in pure admiration.

I have paper, lots and lots of paper.  Because I like creating books, I am going to showcase the Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells in this wooden binder with leather accents that I found at a consignment store.  What a find! It appears to have never been used.  The pages are heavy black cardstock trimmed in leather with metal corners! Yes, it Was a find!  I have added Tim Holtz and 7 Gypsies papers and embellishments to the collage as well.  Oh, do you see the G45 packaging?

I absolutely love how Page 1 turned out.  Have a look!

This collage took me about one hour to dream up and create at a leisure pace.  I hope you enjoy it.

Have fun creating!

Friday, April 8, 2016

"Stitch Sampler" Fabric Journal (Running Stitch & Alphabet)

Hi, Everyone,

Hand stitching is a beautiful art form.  It will go by the wayside if we don't practice it.

Since I love fabric journals, I decided to create a "Stitch Sampler" showcasing one stitch per page.  I created my own designs for the "Running Stitch" and "Alphabet" pages below.  Since variegated embroidery threads are my favourite, I am using them to create this artful keepsake on aida cloth.  Below are the finished first and last page of my Stitch Sampler.

Creating even a tiny bit each and every day gives me happiness.  I love seeing how the piece evolves over time.  This Stitch Sampler Fabric Journal will bring me joy for years to come.

Have fun creating!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Art Journal Page "Gypsy Soul"

Hi, Everyone,

A Gypsy Soul . . . is someone who is always in need of change or adventure . . . someone seeking the best in any situation . . . who is very passionate and inspired by everything around them . . . is not defined by others . . . always changing and adapting.

The same can be said about Art Journalling.  Creating a page just because you like the texture (adhesive drywall tape and gesso) and adding pleasing colours to the background (teal and paynes gray) makes me happy.  Circles are ever moving.  I cut out 2 different sized circles: 1 from old sheet music and the other from an old book, then glued them on top of each other to create a flower.  Pink Gaffer Tape and Black Washi tape add lines of colour flowing across the page linking a VW Bus.  Add black honeycomb die-cuts and Gaffer Tape numbers, then tie everything together by writing and drawing circles with a FineLine Applicator.

I like the way it turned out.  Always remember to leave a little "white space" so your eye can travel across the pages.

There is beautiful writing on the back of the small flip page.  It is 7 Gypsy packaging.
Look before you toss.  You never know what great embellishments your packaging can make.

Have fun creating!