Friday, April 8, 2016

"Stitch Sampler" Fabric Journal (Running Stitch & Alphabet)

Hi, Everyone,

Hand stitching is a beautiful art form.  It will go by the wayside if we don't practice it.

Since I love fabric journals, I decided to create a "Stitch Sampler" showcasing one stitch per page.  I created my own designs for the "Running Stitch" and "Alphabet" pages below.  Since variegated embroidery threads are my favourite, I am using them to create this artful keepsake on aida cloth.  Below are the finished first and last page of my Stitch Sampler.

Creating even a tiny bit each and every day gives me happiness.  I love seeing how the piece evolves over time.  This Stitch Sampler Fabric Journal will bring me joy for years to come.

Have fun creating!

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