Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sewn Patchwork Blanket and Raggedy Andy

Hi, Everyone,

Over the last few months I have been sewing a patchwork blanket and Raggedy Andy for one of my new grandsons I am expecting around the beginning of July. My daughter is expecting a boy.  She is a food scientist who likes nature and dogs.  When she was little I made her a raggedy blanket and a 36" Raggedy Ann doll, which she still has today. So of course I had to make her little one a matching Raggedy Andy.

For Andy's clothes, I hand sewed patches on a baby onesie and a pair of jeans to match the blanket.  At first I sewed on 2" strands of gray yarn for hair and when Andy was all finished I put him in the dryer to fluff him and hopefully remove any dog hair that may be lingering on him.  When I took him out of the dryer I was shocked to find his hair tightly curled tight to his head.  Oh dear, what do I do? Well, out came the yarn and I added several layers of 8" strands of yarn on the top third of his head, then gave him a hair cut.  I love the way he turned out.

Have a look. . .

I love being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it. 
Life is precious, so enjoy it while you can.

Have fun creating!


  1. So cute! I am so glad I found your blog.

    1. I love how the blanket and Raggedy Andy turned out. By creating strips of squares, then staggering the strips when sewing the strips together, I didn't have to worry about the corners lining up. For all the quilters out there, I am in awe of those who can actually line up the seams. No matter how hard I try the never line up. This staggering of the blocks has solved this problem for me. Thank you so much for leaving a comment.