Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Technique Tuesday - Bolt Album

Hi, Everyone,

It's Technique Tuesday & today we are going to learn how to put together a Bolt Album like this. . .

. . . so let's get started.

We will be using the Idea-ology Ruler Binding created by Tim Holtz.

The pages of our Album will be made from coin Envelopes with Tags as inserts.

The front & back covers will be cut from Chipboard.  I have also cut grey cardstock shims which will placed in between the envelope pages, which will increase the spine thickness to allow for some thicker embellishments on the pages. 

I took 1 of the rulers from the package, marked the holes on the envelopes, then punched the holes with a cropodile.

These are the tags we will be using as inserts in the envelope pages.

All the hardware you need to create the Bolt Album comes in the package.

Again, I took 1 of the rulers from the package, marked the holes on the front & back covers, then punched the holes with a cropodile.  In order for the covers to open wider, we need to score the width of the ruler, which is 1". 

Now to assemble the Album, insert the 2 screws through the ruler then through the back cover.

Next we add a cardstock shim to increase the spine thickness. . .

. . .then layer envelope, shim, envelope, shim. . .

. . .until we have attached all 6 envelope pages & 7 shims.

Next we attach the front cover, another ruler. . .

. . .2 washers. . .

. . .& the 2 wing nuts.

I always use Scor-Tape when creating Books.  It is Extremely Strong & your book will not fall apart.  Because it is so strong you have no wiggle room, so be careful. Once it's stuck, it's stuck so line your paper up carefully.

I love envelopes & decided to cover the front & back covers with them.  Treasured Memories has a wide selection of vintage envelopes in the Ephemera Cabinet.

Remember, be careful with the Scor-Tape.

This is what the front & back covers look like with the vintage envelopes attached.

I always apply gaffer tape, masking tape, or hockey tape to the scored portion of the covers.  The tape adds flexibility to the covers & stability to the scored section so it does not break off.

Here is the finished Bolt Album.

Everyone coming to this Friday Night's Smore Crop at Treasured Memories will get a Smore Bolt Album to put their favourite Smore recipe in.  Phone the store to sign up!

Have fun creating!

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