Monday, July 1, 2013

Zipper Bracelet!

Hi, Everyone,

I'd like to introduce you to Ann Kerr. 
I introduced myself to her while she was shopping at Treasured Memories.  How could I not, when she always has on the most amazing unique handcrafted jewellery.  Every time she comes in to the store she is wearing one of her handmade original pieces of jewellery . . . either steam punk or gear inspired with watch faces, watch parts, zippers and anything eclectic.   I really LOVE her glasses too!

Check out the amazing zipper bracelet she created.

Or should I say the amazing 2 zipper bracelets & zipper necklace she created.

Oh, and did I mention the zipper earrings.

I absolutely love things created from zippers.  I have zipper flowers on my apron, zipper flowers on a necklace, & even zipper flowers on a pair of shoes.  Now, I have a zipper bracelet to match!  

Thank you Ann for selling me the bracelet off your wrist!

Have fun creating everyone & I look forward to seeing more of your creations Ann.

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