Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Art Venture & Meeting Finnabair

Hi, Everyone,
ART Venture - Anaheim, California - what an Amazing Event!
Two days, six classes, six amazing instructors.

January . . . 85 degrees . . . gorgeous!

ART Venture here I come.
On the left is Anna Dabrowska, a.k.a. Finnabair!
On the right is Nathalie Kalbach.
These are amazing artists & I am very lucky to have been able to meet & take classes from them.

Thank you Courteney for forwarding me this Instagram Photo.
I'm so excited to meet her, I can hardly contain myself!

Yes, I adore Finnabair!  Here she is starting the class.

We were given her small Art Journal, lots of metal embellishments & glass pebbles to create an Altered Journal Cover.

Here is the blank Journal . . .

& all the metal embellishments.

Yes, I had lots of fun!
Thanks again Courteney for forwarding me this photo too.

Have fun creating!


  1. your art journal turned out beautifully. and i think i know some of those people in that photo at the end. lol....hugs

  2. Oh ya, those 3 ladies in the last photo had crazy fun! What a great event.

  3. Kathleen, I always ask not to put step-by step photos from my classes on the social media. I'm so sad and disappointed seeing it again here. Please: re-think what are you doing to me as a teacher. This is my new class for 2014 - what should i do now, in your opinion?

    1. Oh, my gosh. You are the most amazing artist I have ever met. I will never do anything to upset you or your work. I always tell everyone to look at your website to see the beautiful work you do. I simply wanted to show people how to alter the cover of your Art Journal books & show them how to use your mechanicals because they are so amazing along with other found metal objects. I love your work so much & only wanted to promote your products. I will definitely stop this class immediately. My only intention was to promote your products & the beautiful style of your art.
      I am sorry for any misunderstanding this may have caused.