Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Quilting with Character & Charisma

Hi, Everyone,

Last Saturday I took a quilting course at Earthly Goods called "Quilting with Character & Charisma".
This class was based on the book written by Pam Holland entitled "The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet".  Pam Holland teaches this class & many others around the world.  The class I took was taught by Kim Caskey, who took Pam's class in Ireland.  Pam Holland wrote this book is a storybook for her children & grandchildren & as a quilting book for people like you and me.  The characters in the story are all the letters of the alphabet.

  In class, we created the letter "A".  I am very proud to show you my letter below.

In this project, I chose to work with 100% cotton quality fabric & thin cotton batting from Earthly Goods.  The letter is traced onto the fabric, coloured, then free motion quilted with black thread.  I used my Elna feather-weight vintage machine & it actually worked.  It even had a free motion foot & a feed dogs cover plate to be able to free motion quilt, yet it cannot sew zig-zag or any other stitches, as it only sews straight.  Amazing.  

To outline the letter I used a Zig .5 black pen.  To colour the letter I used Fabrico pigment ink pens by Tsukineko.  They are acid free dual markers with a pointed tip & a brush tip (heat setting is recommended on fabric).

I am so very pleased of how my letter "A" turned out that I purchased enough fabric to complete all 26 letters of the alphabet.  I plan to bind them into a series of books once they are all completed.
However, they won't be completed until they have metal embellishments, French knotted embroidery, & beadwork.

Not too shabby for someone who said they would never sew again!
Thanks Kim, for getting me excited about fabric again.

Have fun creating!

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