Friday, June 20, 2014

Creating with Colour

Hi, Everyone,
Creating with Colour!  Now that's Very outside my vintage box.  My vintage monochromatic colour scheme box that is.  I took a one day Colour Wow class with Dina Wakley & discovered how important the Colour Wheel is to creating, especially if you don't want mud.  My Young Artists like bright & fun . . . my ladies like vintage.

Memorizing the Colour Wheel or having one at your fingertips is key.  I won't ever create without one now.  What I've come to realize is that by referring to the Colour Wheel, your art will pop.

I like my backgrounds to be calm so my focal point pops.  In order to do that, the background needs to either be either:
1.  Monochromatic (varying shades of the same colour); or
2.  Analogous (neighbouring colours on the colour wheel)
with some white area.  Then in order for the focal point to pop, it must be Complementary (opposites on the colour wheel).  By following this method, your art will pop every single time, guaranteed.

*(If you've ever created a piece of art & something just isn't right, it's probably that your colours are not in sink with one another.  Pull out the colour wheel & have a look.)*

I purchased Dina Wakley's book, Art Journal Freedom, How to Journal Creatively with Color & Composition.  It is a good read & very informative.

Have a look at the Easel Canvas I am creating for Treasured Memories Kid's Camp this July & August.  It's not finished yet, but I absolutely LOVE it!  Thank you Dina Wakley for opening my eyes & allowing colour into my art.

The canvas is gessoed then partially collaged with antique book paper (you will never take the vintage out of this girl).  I added mesh tape to create texture, then Micro Bead Texture Gel through a large triangle stencil, then Modelling Paste through a small triangle stencil.
For the background, I chose neighbouring colours on the colour wheel (orange & yellow-orange sprays).
Take a look at the Micro Bead Texture Gel.  Isn't it great!
For the bird focal point, I chose the opposites on the colour wheel (turquoise, blue, & violet) highlighting the bottom of the bird with their close opposite (yellow).  The bird & words are also popped by shading underneath them.  Don't you love the mesh tape & Modelling Paste & especially the wire branch (of course every piece of mine must have metal embellishments)!

I purchased Dina Wakley's Scribble Birds stamps & Collaged Hearts stamps & see myself using them a lot in the future.

Once this piece is finished, I will show you the final result.

Have fun creating!

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