Monday, June 23, 2014

This One's for You, JOE!

Hi, Everyone,

What a fun Young Artists Class yesterday!
The kids were very energetic . . . & full of questions.  Especially Mr.
Mr. Joe that is, who always has to leave before I take my photos of the class.
Joe is so enthusiastic & inquisitive & his art is beautiful.
Mr., this one's for you!  You finally made it into one of my photos!  It is fun having you in my class.  I am very proud of the amazing art you create.

We were blotting with Distress Stains & the kids had a blast.  They accented their pages with various colours of washi tape & a funny "oops!" stamp.

I absolutely love Jaena!  (If I misspelled your name, I'm sorry.)  Jaena is fun & has a fantastic sense of humour.  Her love of colour speaks volumes in her art.  I am very proud of the stunning art she creates! 

Yes my little princess, Zoe, is wearing her crown!  She is a sassy little girl with a mind all her own.    There are no rules in Zoe's art . . . other than having fun & being original.  I am very proud of the unique art she creates!

Teaching children & adults to create & allowing their imagination to break free on their pages is so rewarding.  My Young Artists & my Young Artists at Heart all warm my heart & bring me such joy.
Thanks to each & every one of you.

Have fun creating!


  1. This class looks as though all involved had a great time. The art work here is AMAZING! Happy faces happy art. Karen.x

    1. Yes indeed, happy faces happy art! Creating is soooooo fun.