Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Donna Downey - Faux Encaustics

Hi, Everyone,

I was very fortunate to have taken 3 classes offered by Donna Downey in St. Albert this past weekend:  Faux Encaustics, Pan Pastels, and Gelatos.  Donna is an extremely knowledgeable artist from North Carolina and her work is amazing.  I would not have been able to afford to go to her studio in the US, and was extatic when I found out she was actually coming here.

Donna introduced me to "Glazing Medium" and "Pouring Medium".  These two products by Golden and Liquitex are my new favourite things!  Glazing Medium allows you to make your acrylic paints translucent, and Pouring Medium is faux encaustic (fake wax).
Below are the three canvases I created.

Glazing Medium allows you to create with vibrant colour, in a subtle way.
Pouring Medium allows you to create depth in layers by making marks (the rings and dots), like wax without the mess.

Donna Downey uses the term Art Booking rather than Art Journalling, and this is exactly what I do too.  Art Journalling is an artistic expression of our thoughts on paper.  Art Booking is just that, Art in a Book.  I love to make books, lots of books, all kinds of hand made books, all containing my art not my thoughts.  So finally I have a label that I truly am, I am an Art Booker and I do Art Booking.

Thank you Donna Downey for travelling abroad to teach your style of art to others who do not have the means to travel to your studio to take your classes.  Donna offers on-line classes on her blog and I have already signed up for two of them:  "Metamorphosis" and "48 Weeks".

Happy creating!

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