Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Les Papillons" - Outside Covers

Hi, Everyone,
Over the past few weeks I've been taking an on-line workshop entitled "Metamorphosis" which introduced me to glazing medium, fluid medium, and Dorland's wax.  I will show you photos of my finished graffiti black and white piece in future posts.

As you know, my style is vintage grunge.  I create art with found vintage treasures, discarded items, and revamped packaging.  I love adding metal embellishments and butterflies to my projects as well as using materials in my art that were not meant to be used artistically.  These items can be found in hardware and home building stores, the Recycle and Reuse Centre, and second hand stores.

I've used drywall compound and drywall mesh tape in my art journals, on canvases, and canvas pages for some time now.  The putty is much less expensive than flexible modelling paste and is very easy to work with.  Because my house is in constant repair mode, drywall putty is always handy.

The past few days I've been in my craft room working on my latest Art Book entitled "Les Papillon".  Below are the front and back covers.


"Les Papillon" started off as 4 pieces of canvas covered with drywall putty and clear gesso.  It evolved into a beautiful soft book with the look of plaster and the feel of leather.  I will show you the inside pages I created in posts to come.  I absolutely love how this book turned out.

Have fun creating!


  1. It looks totally amazing! Wow, I wished I could touch it! Can't wait to see the inside pages now!

    1. The pages feel like soft leather. It is the combination of soft canvas fabric, drywall putty, clear gesso, paint, matte medium (clear paint), and wax. It is indeed a delight to touch. Have fun creating.

  2. OMG!! Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I want one of these. Love it! Karen.x

    1. Thank you. I love the way the book turned out!