Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Les Papillons" - Inside Cover and Pages 1-3

Hi, Everyone,

As promised in my last post, I would like to share with you some pages from my latest Art Book entitled, "Les Papillons".  Below are photos of the Inside Cover and Pages 1-3.

The diamond and ink blot patterns are paint through stencils.  I used a 1" round flat bottomed paint brush and lightly pounced the paint over the stencils so the paint would not seep under the stencils.

All the butterfly images used in my book were found on google.  I attached them to the pages by doing a gel medium transfer, letting the gel dry overnight, then removing the paper with water.

Since I always use metal in my projects, at the top of the page is a medal medallion and in the bodies of the butterflies are a pen nib and a clock hand.

The bark lines on the left and the measuring tape strips are also paint through stencils.

The writing on the left is my handwriting.  I bought a long tipped bottle from Deserres and filled it with 3/4 fluid matte medium and 1/4 black paint.  The fluid matte medium is fluid clear paint which allows the paint to flow easily through the narrow tipped bottle without making the paint transparent.

In the bodies of these butterflies are two Tim Holtz embellishments.

My previous post talked about how I built up the actual pages.

More photos of the inside pages to come.

Have fun creating!


  1. Fab pages, I just love how you did the butterflies!!

    1. The butterflies on these pages were printed on cardstock so the paper leaves a ghost image on the pages. Next time I will only be using images printed on thinner paper, not cardstock because I prefer to not have that ghost image. I absolutely love the metal embellishments on the bodies of the butterflies. They make me really happy.

  2. Sorry but I just HAVE to leave another comment. I'm loving the the tape measure across the page and those gorgeous vintage torn edges of the page. This is a real delight. What a gorgeous art book! Karen.x

    1. The tape measure stencil is a Tim Holtz stencil. I use it a lot. The torn edges of the page comes from the canvas fabric underneath. I absolutely love the look.