Saturday, January 30, 2016

"48 Weeks" - My Art Journal Pages of Week 2

Hi, Everyone,

Because I have sooooooo many projects I want to do, I am mixing them up so I don't get bored of the same style or technique.

Today I am showing you my Art Journal Pages of Week 2 from Donna Downey's on-line class I purchased 2 years ago entitled "48 Weeks" (I have 46 more layouts to go).
Have a look, it turned out beautiful!

Freehand drawing and finger painting. . . it was really fun.

Have a look at my signature writing going sideways up the page.  I intend to do it on every piece of art I create.  I love script writing that much.  For that I use a Fineline Applicator.  Two actually, one bottle filled with black and another filled with white.  The proportions that I use in the Fineline Applicator are 1/2 Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint and 1/2  Golden Fluid Matte Medium.  One bottle has a mixture of black paint, the other has a mixture of white paint.  The black paint is for outlining and pushing things into the background.  The white paint is for pulling things into the foreground.  By doing this, you create depth to your artwork.

I absolutely Love the colours below.  They are all Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints:
Yellow Ochre, Green Gold, Quinacridone Magenta, Teal, Phthalo Green, and Paynes Gray.
These are my favourite colours to combine at the moment, and it just to happens to be the main colour palette for today's pages.

Below is the advertising pamphlets for Donna Downey's "48 Weeks" which she graciously autographed for me at the live class I took of hers a year ago.

You can go to Donna Downey's YouTube Channel to view her advertisement for this on-line class.  The finished ArtBook is truly breathtaking. 

Remember. . . do what you love. . . love what you do. . . and make time to actually do what you love.

Have fun creating!

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