Sunday, March 20, 2016

Art Journal Page - Joyful

Hi, Everyone,

Yesterday was a painting day.  I created an Art Journal Page called "Joyful".
Have a look!

Below is the handmade book I created a few months ago to paint in.  This "Joyful" page is the first completed page in the book.  I absolutely Love how the signatures lay flat when creating in it.

As you know, one of my favourite textures is adhesive Drywall Tape which I buy at Home Depot.
It has a slight stick, is repositionable, and provides fantastic texture.  As always, I paint white Gesso over the Drywall Tape so my paint absorbs equally on the tape and the page.

For the background colour I layered the following paints from bottom to top:
"Light Magenta" Golden heavy body paint
"Magenta" Dina Wakley heavy body paint then
"Quinacridone Magenta" Golden fluid acrylic paint.
I wet my brush with water to blend the colours so there are no harsh lines.

This is a closeup of the painted Burlap circles on the page.
I Love how the texture of the Burlap mirrors the texture of the Drywall Tape.
They really work well together.

I cut out various sizes of Burlap circles and glued them to the page with Heavy Gel Medium (I like to use Heavy Gel Medium because there is less moisture on the page).
To paint the circles I layered the following paints from the outside inward:
"Teal" Golden fluid acrylic paint
"Paynes Gray" Golden fluid acrylic paint then
"Black" Bombay India Ink from a dropper.
I Love how banging your book on the table gives you drippage.
Then to finish off the page with script writing I used my Fineline Applicator filled with Black Bolden fluid acrylic paint and Fluid Medium.

I'm very happy with how the page turned out.
It is entitled "Joyful" because I like the quote from Jonathan Lockwood Hule:

"You don't have the power to make like fair, 
but you do have the power to make life joyful."

Remember . . .
do what you love, love what you do, and make the time to actually do it . . . or life will pass you by.

Have fun creating!

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  1. Absolutely fabulous pages, so love the colours and textures xxx