Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pages 1 & 2 from "An Embroiderers Ledger"

Hi, Everyone,

It's no secret that I love embroidery and with that, combining paper and embroidery makes me even happier.

Recently I discovered Karen Ruane's blog and stumbled upon a 2012 on-line class of hers entitled "An Embroiderers Ledger" and purchased it.  Thank God I did because now for the life of me I cannot relocate that class.  I have e-mailed her asking for the link so I can share it with you.

Below is a double page spread, with two flip up pages.  This is the beginning of my Embroiderers Ledger.  I am using a large sketchbook so the pages are quite thin unfortunately.  I have to be quite gentle with the stitching and will be gluing the back to back pages together to hide the stitching on the back of the pages.  I love how it turned out.  Have a look!

These pages use the Spiderweb stitch, Seed stitch, Running stitch, and French Knot.

The paints I've used are Golden Brand shades of gold, pinks and greys; and Dina Wakley's magenta.

Karen Ruane's class teaches you how to take a patterned paper/fabric, pull out colours and shapes, and create a working ledger of ideas for future projects.

Like so many other artists, I have many Journals on the go; each one of them having it's own theme.

Do what you love, love what you, and Make Time to actually do it.
That is how I make my own happiness.

Have fun creating!

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