Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tea Towels - "A flower a day keeps the blues away" (Monday to Wednesday)

Hi, Everyone,

Never take your health for granted.  Thinking that you will be able to do all the things you always wanted to do later in life when you "have more time" may not always be possible.  I have been  having issues holding things with my right thumb for the past several months now, so while I can still manipulate a needle, I have decided to embroider some beautiful pieces for myself.

Hand embroidered tea towels have always been so pretty to me.  I didn't have any so I searched Pinterest and discovered Jenny of Elefantz.  You will find her at  She has a link to her "Pattern Shop" and to her "Stitchery Club".  Over the past few weeks I have purchased 47 sets of her patterns at her Pattern Shop and at Craftsy, and have also signed up for her monthly Stitchery Club.  Yes, I truly love her designs.

In her Pattern Shop you will find her design entitled "Days of the Week", from the May 2016 Stitchery Club.  Once you purchase the pdf pattern on-line, the instructions and patterns are e-mailed to you.

Have a look below:

I purchased 2 meters of cotton tea towel fabric from Fabricland then hemmed the edges.  I printed Jenny's patterns then traced them with my Sharpie Pen onto the tea towel fabric with my Light Box.

I chose different embroidery threads from those listed in Jenny's pattern.

Below are the (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) tea towels I embroidered using Jenny's patterns.

Once I finish embroidering the other days of the week, I will post them for you to see.

In the meantime, head over to the Jenny of Elefantz blog to see all her beautiful work.  
You will find her at  

Have fun creating!


  1. Hi Kathleen So sorry to hear of your thumb troubles... You'd never know from the beautiful stitching you've done on your tea towels... Take care and look forward to more of your fabulous work! Miss you! Jere


    1. Jere you are such a joy. Everyone has a something, and how we manage that something to do the things we love to do makes us who we are. Austin is 3 1/2 now and watching him brings me such happiness. Mandi gave birth to a little boy named Simon who is now 1 month old and Jeneen is expecting a little boy at the end of September. With 3 grandsons I have the start of a football team! It was so nice to hear from you Jere.