Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Primitive Embroidery - the Stitching

Hi, Everyone,

I've been thoroughly enjoying hand embroidery lately.  This is a dying art form.

I take my embroidery with me when I go to the play park with my 3 year old grandson.  When children see me embroidering they stop, look, and run over with great enthusiasm wanting to know what I am doing.  They have never seen that before.  Their mothers or grandmothers don't embroider.  Both boys and girls are amazed how coloured thread can make "pretty pictures".  I always ask my grandson to help "hold" the thread end while I separate the strands.  I ask him for his input and colour suggestions.  Sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are not so good.  I am exposing him to many different art forms while I have the privilege of watching him.  He is actually starting nursery school next week . . . where did the years go?  Being able to spend time with my grandson has given me the greatest joy I could ever have imagined.  I love him so much.

Now back to primitive embroidery . . .

I joined The Stitchery Club by Jenny of Elefantz Designs.  Her July 2016 Prim Spin patterns got me hooked to embroidery again.  You will find her at  She has a link to her "Pattern Shop" and you will find her design entitled "Prim Spin" from the July 2016 Stitchery Club.

At an antique store some time ago, I purchased a long piece of vintage linen knowing that I would create with it one day.  Well, that one day has finally come.

I printed Jenny's patterns then traced them with my Pigma Micron 03 black pen onto the vintage linen with my Light Box.  There were 6 different patterns.

Below is the start of my embroidery.  I chose different thread colours than Jenny suggested.
The outline stitches I used were also different from Jenny.

I really enjoy how the the stitches bring life to the fabric.

Colour really makes a difference in your finished art work.
I chose variegated teal, lime green, variegated pink, burgundy, and butter yellow.
These colours are bright and cheery.

I have 2 patterns to finish, a bunny and patchwork.  Then, I will be collaging the 6 patterns with doilies and battenburg lace onto a vintage piano scroll.  I have many to choose from.

This Primitive Embroidery will be displayed proudly on the 1st of many Vintage Piano Scrolls.
Stay tuned for the process . . .

Art can be displayed on walls, in books, on scrolls, or on anything you can think of.
It's up to you.

Have fun creating!

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