Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Raggedy "Simon"

Hi, Everyone,

In my June 19th post, I shared the Raggedy Andy and matching blanket I made for my 2nd grandson I was expecting.  Well, that little grandson is now 2 months old and is so cute that he melts my heart.

Have a look at Raggedy Andy with Simon.

He's playing shy, but I can just see all those little girls chasing him!

It's nice to know that he will always have his Raggedy Andy to remind him of how small he actually was.  I was too lazy to make Andy's clothes so I bought them second hand and sewed patches on them to match the raggedy blanket.  My daughter coincidentally happened to have a onesie exactly like the one I had prior to embellishing it.  It made for a beautiful photo.

The Raggedy Andy and raggedy blanket are below.

Remember, creating comes in many forms.
Enjoy what you like to do, and do it while you can.

Have fun creating!

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