Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Easy Collaged Handmade Paper

Hi, Everyone,
Today I would like to share with you a fun easy way to make Handmade paper.

You need to dig in your stash & find those beautiful paper napkins, fibers & ephemera you have been saving for that special project.  Then you need any inexpensive white liquid Scotch glue & some wax paper.

1.  Tear off a 2 foot piece of wax paper to use as your base to line an old cookie sheet.
     (The wax paper will be peeled off at the end & the cookie sheet makes it easy to move your project while it is wet.)
2.  Split the napkins so you are only working with the 1st top layer of the napkin, and discard the other layers.
3.  Tear your ephemera pieces into smaller images.
4.  Cut your fibers into 1 foot lengths.
5.  Leaving an inch of wax paper as a boarder & working in 4 inch sections at a time . . . apply a generous layer of white Scotch glue & spread it around with a plastic scraper.
    (You will have 3 thin layers: glue, napkins & ephemera, & glue.  The glue will dry clear to reveal your beautiful collaged handmade paper.)
6.  Begin layering napkin sections, ephemera pieces, & fibers into the Scotch glue overlapping pieces as you go.
7.  Continue working in 4 inch sections until the wax paper is covered.
8.  Move your cookie sheet to a safe place to dry overnight.

Now you have a unique sheet of Collaged Handmade Paper to use in your next project . . . or to frame because it is so beautiful!


  1. Don't throw away the other layers of the napkins. Stamp on them and add them to any project with gel medium, or wax. They will appear transparent and can be inked if color is needed.

    1. Go Tiger Go!
      Most Learned One is VERY Wise!