Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Technique Tuesday - Photos in Configuration Trays

Hi, Everyone,
It's Technique Tuesday!
There are many types of Configuration Trays out there made by various companies.  There are Printer Trays & Photo Trays made by 7 Gypsies, Configuration Boxes & Configuration Books made by Tim Holtz, Photo Trays & various shapes made by Kaiser Craft & Wall Sugar, & many more.
Have a look at the tray below:
When working with a sectioned tray, don't be intimidated by the small sized compartments.  Use them to your advantage.  You can decorate each section independantly like I did with the shells, or you can combine sections like I did with the photos.  Don't be afraid to cut your photos, or only use portions of them.  Here is a closer look:
When I take scenery photos, I take several in one spot, rotating slightly on each shot so I can create panoramic views to create with.  In this tray, I used 2 photos from a panoramic view that I shot.  The horizin is slightly off, but I'm ok with that.  I cut the photos to fit within the compartments so the photo extended across the whole width of the tray.  So the photo flows with the patterned paper and the rest of the tray, I added shells & letterpress to spell "Mexico".
Here are 2 more views of how the photos are cut to fit inside the compartments:
Stop by and check out the many different types of Configuration Trays the next time you are at Treasured Memories.  Be brave and cut those photos!
Have fun creating!

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