Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Vintage Piano Scroll Layout

Hi, Everyone,

"Always & Forever my grandsons you'll be . . ."

Why limit yourself to scrapbook layouts in albums?  To me, layouts are pieces of art.  They can be permanent or interchangeable pieces of art (because we only have so much space).

The piece below is mounted on a vintage piano scroll and is permanent.  There is no reason why I could not have made it interchangeable so I could swap out or change the layout monthly or as often as I wanted to.

Below are closeup photos of the piano scroll from top to bottom.
I have incorporated my love of embroidery into this piece.  The title "Always & Forever" was hand stitched on ivory aida cloth.  

The letters "a" and "f" were created from the same paper I used in the layout.

Years ago I purchased a package of chipboard alphabets a-z that came on 2 12x12" sheets.  The patterned paper was so ugly, but I loved the font style so I bought them.  In this layout, I traced the 2 letters onto the paper I liked and cut them out with scissors.  By doing this, you can create your own letters from any paper you wish to match your project.

The other writing was also hand stitched onto vintage linen and aida cloth.

I usually mount my photos on black cardstock to make them stand out, but this time I chose black tags folded over and secured with metal photo anchors and screw brads.  There are also metal tabs and hearts for each grandson:
1st  Austin
2nd  Simon
3rd  Sawyer

I chose a scenic patterned paper for the bottom of the scroll. The diamond/square pattern was cut along the design, and all other papers were torn and glued onto the scroll with sookwang tape.  It is expensive compared to other tapes, but it actually lasts the test of time (16 years and counting).

After the layout was completed, I took a black Sharpie Pen and drew some hand stitching along the edges of the torn/cut paper to move your eye through the layout.

I love how this piece turned out, so if you get a chance check it out in person at Treasured Memories in Edmonton.

Have fun creating!


  1. Hi Kathleen Love the piano scrolls! Thanks for sharing them and especially the pictures of your newest grandsons - you must be in heaven... Can't believe how big Austin has gotten... I know you're enjoying every minute with them... Take care!

    1. Thank you Jere. Vintage piano scrolls are always fun to create on. Time passes so quickly doesn't it . . . Austin will be 4 years old next month and he is in preschool, Simon is 3 1/2 months old and built like a football player, and my newest Sawyer is 2 weeks old (and I am getting him for a sleepover this Saturday!) Thank you so much for leaving a comment Jere!