Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Live a Fulfilling Life!

Hi, Everyone,

Discovering the pure joy of creating freely is a magical gift that can change anyone's life.

I want to inspire & empower others through my Altered Journey . . . helping you discover your own freedom by living a more creative life.

Your dream to live a happier life can all begin by picking up a pencil, glue stick, or paintbrush.  We are all born with endless creativity.

Make time for yourself.  Allow yourself the freedom to create & begin your Altered Journey.

A happier, more fulfilling life is waiting for you.

"One life on this earth is all that we get, whether it is enough or not enough, and the obvious conclusion would seem to be that at the very least we are fools if we do not live it as fully and bravely and beautifully as we can." - Frederik Buechner

Have fun creating!

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