Monday, May 20, 2013

Technique Tuesday - Alcohol Ink Agates

Hi, Everyone,

It's Technique Tuesday!

Today I would like to show you the “Alcohol Ink Agates Technique”. This Technique is featured in the book titled A Compendium of Curiosities by Tim Holtz. Every single time you use this technique the outcome will be slightly different. “Agates” can be created by experimenting with Alcohol Inks, Blending Solution & Mixative on Gloss Paper.

It’s fun working with Blending Solution, especially watching all the beautiful colours swirl to create a unique design every time. There are many different colours of Alcohol Inks and Mixatives including metallics. Today we will be creating a card stamping an image on a blue/green “Agate” background that we ourselves can create.


Let’s begin.

When working with Alcohol Inks, you need an Applicator Tool with a piece of FELT on it not foam. The Felt squares are designed to work with Alcohol Inks and are meant to be a 1 time use only, then thrown away. Do not reuse the squares. Today we are using “Lettuce”, “Denim” and “Pool” Alcohol Inks and a “Silver” Metallic Mixative.

Apply 6 drops of each colour of Alcohol Ink directly on a Felt Applicator Tool, keeping each colour separate. Stamp the ink tool onto Gloss Paper turning the tool as you stamp until the entire surface is covered with ink.

Shake the Metallic Mixative and apply 3 drops onto the Felt Applicator Tool. Again stamp the ink tool onto the Gloss Paper turning the tool as you stamp randomly over the surface.

Apply more Alcohol ink and more Mixative until you are happy with the colour.

Then apply some Blending Solution to the Felt Applicator Tool and stamp over the inked background lightening and blending the colours. To create a swirling iridescent background, pour Blending Solution directly onto the Gloss Paper, moving the paper side to side to swirl the Solution.

These are 3 different samples using the same technique. See how they all look different yet similar.

Next, using Black Archival Ink, I stamped a bird image on the background.

Using a navy zipper and two shades of cardstock, I began assembling the card.

Add a sentiment, some ribbon and metal flowers, and this is what the card looks like all put together!

This “Alcohol Ink Agates” Technique is absolutely stunning on Gloss Paper. 

Have fun creating!

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